Friday, November 10, 2023

Spirit Given Gifts


Spirit given gifts are special abilities that God gives to every Christian
to be used cooperatively for the strengthening of the Body of Christ
so that it might better fulfill God's purposes.

Learning what our Gifts are - and are not - can bring clarity of purpose and meaning for our lives.

Knowing what our gifts are not can ease feelings of failure and frustration. Acknowledging our limitations and seeking support from others who have gifts we do not have frees us to focus on our strengths, on the gifts we do have.

Going where our gifts are takes us to the place where the giver of those gifts, God, is closest to us in our lives.

Our skills may not be our gifts. When we are using our gifts, we may end the day feeling tired, but we will also feel deeply satisfied. But if our skills are not also our gifts, then we will simply end the day feeling tired and drained.

This Descriptions Booklet - PDF and Questionnaire Booklet - PDF will help you begin to identify your Spirit Given Gifts.

Thursday, November 9, 2023

The United Church of Canada Needs a Big Vision


What the United Church of Canada (UCCan) needs now is a Greta Thunberg approved vision of a plausible future for the planet.

Here’s what I think the UCCan can offer:

  1. 100% commitment to zero carbon by 2030.
    This would apply not only to buildings, but also to all programs and activities including worship, meetings, travel, etc. It would also include active participation in existing climate crisis networks, political activism at all levels, boycotts and other economic pressures.

  2. Multi-generational community.
    We have decades of experience creating and maintaining personal connections of caring and friendship that are open and inclusive across all categories of gender, race, age, ability, orientation, culture, etc. We also have firsthand experience of learning to apologize and what it takes to make amends and seek reconciliation. We have gained understandings of the shapes of personal well-being and life-giving relationships.

  3. A big story.
    Being rooted in a multi-thousand-year story helps give perspective to present experiences. We are not the first generation to fear there is no plausible future. Our big story helps us to avoid fear-mongering and false-hopes.

  4. Spiritual practices.
    Dealing with the pressures of everyday life, work, and family as well as global issues of the climate, war, and the economy can be a recipe for toxic stress and anxiety. We have experience with practices that help one stay centred and connected.

  5. A church that isn’t religious.
    The UCCan locates itself within the globally diverse and conflicted collective of those who look to Jesus of Nazareth. Yet in our looking to Jesus, we do not see a religion. We see a way of being; a way of living fully and truly. We see a call to live justly and in right relations with all beings. We are not interested in proving anything to anyone. But we do want the way the world works to be fair for all.

David Ewart

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Friday, July 28, 2023

You will always have the poor with you ... but you will not always have me


Catherine talked with me this morning about what she was reading in Timothy Morton's, Being Ecological. The issue being discussed was how "we", the human species, need to act collectively even though we are so divided along so many fault lines, because it is "we" who are the cause of the climate crisis, not sea horses. This led me to wondering:

Do those of us who insist on the requirements for justice impede the work for effective climate action?

I re-listened to words from Mark 14:7 as spoken to me - not from Jesus but from a sea horse: "You will always have the poor with you ... but you will not always have me."

Jesus was right. The need for correcting injustice will never go away. And there will always be occasions when insisting on justice prevents doing what this moment is calling for.

It is increasingly clear to me that the past 50 years of climate justice action that I have been involved in have not accomplished the scale of responses that are needed. And were based on assumptions of timing and stability that no longer are true. We need to stop asking, "Is this just?" And start asking only question, "Will this eliminate the burning of coal, oil, and gas?" This is the question the sea horse needs an answer to. Because if we don't quickly get this right we will no longer have the sea horse with us.

David Ewart


Spirit Given Gifts

  Spirit given gifts are special abilities that God gives to every Christian to be used cooperatively for the strengthening of the Body o...