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November 15, 2018


Anne Harris

This post is coming late to the conversation but I don't go to church or belong to a church because I am afraid of hell fire. I go to church to join with a group of people who are attracted to Jesus Christ, who want to be his disciples, and who gather to worship him communally. We gather strength from being together. We learn how to navigate this difficult word that we live in, and we encourage each other in acts of mercy and love.

Peter Ratcliff

Hebrews 10:25

Craig Hansen

I've written similar things many times over at wondercafe2.ca David. Without the threat of hell, the church isn't imparting a sense of urgency. Every church in Canada is in competition with other churches, and with all the other things a family can do on a Sunday. Even housework. When you add that reasons to believe in God are in retreat and the threats increasingly are being met with laughter, it's a bleak outlook. I don't know what the answer is, but maybe enforcing beliefs that are in decline is, in fact, the best option from a pure numbers perspective. The byproduct of that could be a church populated by those who are easily scared. Not sure that's a win.

dale Perkins

You are raising valid questions David, so good on you for launching this post. I will attempt a rendition of my own, but won't put it here. Maybe I will spend time and write it out and distribute widely somewhere which might be picked up by others.


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