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January 13, 2015



The sooner we abolish this myth of a single God and all religions, the sooner we can evolve our species.


What is needed is transparency and integrity. If Ms. Vosper doesn't know Jesus and doesn't want to, it would seem to be time she accepted that she is grown up and wise and leave the house, just as it is appropriate for parents to ask their adult children to leave home at some point.

What is surprising is that the UC hasn't got the fortitude to bless her and ask her to leave. She is somewhat like the son in the parable of the prodigal, only he had the integrity to leave on his own.

David Ewart

Hi K.C. I had made that correction before your comment. So I'm wondering if I have overlooked a mis-spelling somewhere.

Rob Peck

So "God" means different things to different people. That is nothing new; most words have multiple meanings and many concepts can be expressed by different words. That is what crossword puzzles are built on. May God help Gretta to rearrange all languages so that every word in every language has only one meaning. Until that time, following her logic, she should stop talking and writing so that she won't risk being misunderstood by her audience.

K. C.

You've spelled Gretta's name wrong. You might want to fix that. Also, the traditional "letter" form involves directing comments to someone, rather than about them. Curious about this editorial choice. I don't disagree with some of your sentiments.

Donald grayston

David, thank you. Well said.

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