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March 01, 2010



Finally noticed this excellent question and it gets at the heart of faith - while we are all tempted by the idea of projection we know that our subjective experience does include an objective reality. Thus the question of God's ontology is crucial and not all theological constructs will help us bring the experience of God to consciousness. God is in the world and the world is in God and God is more than the world.

David Ewart

This post is the first of what I hope will be an on-going - though irratic - series of thoughts about the possible reality of God.

I'm not really trying to "reach" anyone - though I have my own faith community in mind as I write.

What this post is trying to argue is that there really is an actual, factual reality "out there" that is independant of our personal / cultural / historical conext.

And consequently, this "out there" reality calls all of our persoanl / cultural / historical opinions and beliefs into question - requires them to explain themselves; to account for their truth / their validity.

I think atheists, etc. would agree with this. It is a common ground we might begin with.

The tricky part - as always - is to have a civil conversation about what we BELIEVE (not KNOW) is "out there."

Thanks for writing - and for noticing my title. I kinda chuckled myself when the idea of it occurred to me.


If you suppose there really is a god, then how are you going to reach the atheists, the apatheists, etc?


Ps. Hero of Doom? nice title on Linkedin!

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