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May 29, 2008



I would add only this - whatever voice the flock of sheep allow to speak the loudest is their chosen leader. From down south here in Wisconsin, USA, your words read as true as can be. Thank you - I needed to read this!

Marianna Harris

Hurray for truthful systemic analysis!!! I can't sign on to your facebook - don't know how or I would have put it there.
We had lots of people at the ordination service and I was interested in their reaction to Bruce's sermon which I thought was good. Too long and that's the end of it. Today at Bible study I tried his traditional, modern, postmodern and the baseball analogy. Even with the example he used it failed to communicate with the person that was there on Sunday. Perhaps my stripped down example in the context of talking helped although theydidn't necessarily buy it. We are finding so much benefit out of our lectionary study group - the questions and the talking and the opportunity to minister. It really makes me question what can be accomplished with respect to formation on Sunday morning, no matter how good the preacher. The format may prevent formation. If you can figure out how to put this on as a comment on your blog go ahead.

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